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Travel Documents: Visas

The easiest and most common way for business and pleasure-minded visitors to obtain an entry visa into the Philippines is to arrive without one.

Upon entry into the country, you will automatically receive a twenty-one (21) day tourist stamp in your passport. Twenty-one day tourist stamps (locally referred to as "tourist entry visas") are afforded free of charge to valid passport holders from over 140 countries.

Tourist Visa Extensions

If you plan to extend your stay beyond the initial twenty-one day period, you may have your visa extended. The cost of tourist visa extensions are fairly nominal, and may be received from any provincial immigration office or, of course, in Manila from the main Department of Immigration.

At this writing, an your first visa extension will "keep you legal" for up to fifty-nine (59) days. This this initial extension can then be re-extended again (and again, and again) up to a maximum stay of twelve (12) consecutive months.

Pre-Planning Long-Term Stays

If, before your arrival, your plans involve staying in the Philippines beyond the initial twenty-one day tourist period, we would highly recommend visiting the Philippine Embassy in your home country to make an "extended visa request", complete the required paperwork, and pay the associated fees.

If you do obtain a visa prior to entering the country it's important to bring this fact to the attention of the immigration officer at the airport; if you don't the officer will automatically stamp your passport with a basic twenty-one day tourist stamp which may – or may not – cause confusion and immigration-related delays when you're ready to leave the Philippines.

Everything You'd Want to Know…

For more information on a wide variety of visa options, fees and requirements, please click here to visit the Philippine Government's Immigration website.