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Coron Town Site Seeing

After a 45-minute boat ride from Sangat we’ll arrive at Coron Town. The principal city on the island of Busuanga, Coron Town was formally recognized as a municipality in 1902.

From 1939 to the outbreak of World War II, the town experienced a manganese mining boom. After the war, in 1947, large scale deep sea fishing was introduced to the area and the town largely transitioned to fishing based lifestyle and economy.

While Coron remains a small, quaint fishing town with laid back charm it is – slowly but steadily – growing due to its increasingly important position in the tourism industry.

This tour will include a short town excursion, souvenir shopping, a leisurely hike up Mount Tapyas, and a trip to the hot springs.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided with a 5pm return.

Tour Itinerary and Activity Briefing
Depart Sangat:9:00 am
Round-Trip Travel:Approximately 2.5 hours
Return Sangat:5:00 pm
Activities:Mount Tapayas, the market, hotsprings.

The cost for the Coron Town tour is US $78.50 plus miscellaneous land transportation and entrance fees of US $0.00 per guest.