Sangat Wildlife: Tropical Geko

Nature Trekking

During the development and operations of our resort, virtually 99% of Sangat Island remains an exquisite and unspoiled safe-haven to the indigenous plant and animal life which has called this island home for hundreds of years… such is the reason that nature trekking throughout the many natural wonders of Sangat Island has become yet another favorite activity for many of our guests.

Some of the amazing sights to be witnessed – just minutes from our beachfront – include ancient craggy limestone cliffs, densely forested valleys, and thick, tropical jungle areas which nurtures countless species of flora and fauna including dozens of tropical bird species, monkeys, Monitor Lizards and more.

Whether you're interested in just a short, leisurely walk into our neighboring valleys or a more substantial trek into the island's varied interior – via one of many old Tagbanua trails that snake through a seemingly endless maze of old-growth forestation – trekking Sangat will be a nature-lover's experience to remember.

Depending upon your sense of adventure (and your ability to find your way back to the resort!) treks to and from the various Sangat locations may be enjoyed with or without one of our local trekking guides.

Guided nature treks throughout Sangat Island are available to resort guests for US $9.50 per journey.