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Frequent Questions: Keeping In Touch

Shown below are responses to one or more frequently asked questions about keeping in touch with the outside world. If you don't find an answer to your question below – or elsewhere within our website – you may email us by clicking here.

While I know that I’ll be on vacation, I’ll still need to check my email from time to time. Is there any Internet connection available on Sangat?

If you bring a laptop computer with you, you may access our 24-hour wireless internet network from the restaurant or bar without charge.

If you don’t have a laptop, you may still access the internet from our office computer for 100 Philippine Pesos per hour.

Is cell phone coverage available at the resort?

Yes. Voice calling, as well as SMS messaging, is available from any international SIM card through the locally owned and operated SMART and GLOBE telecom networks.

If you are interested in purchasing a local SIM card for your phone, we would recommend a SMART SIM as the SMART network generally has the strongest signal reception throughout Sangat as well as the greater Northern Palawan area.