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Frequent Questions: Resort Activities

Shown below are responses to one or more frequently asked questions about our resort activities. If you don't find an answer to your question below – or within other sections of our website – please feel free to send us an email by clicking here.

I can see on Google Earth that there’s lots and lots of nice little (and a few not-so-little) tropical islands that seem to be fairly close to Sangat. Are there any "Island Hopping" tours that can be arranged?

Absolutely. We have a number of island boat tour packages which will take you, your family and friends around to some of the more interesting islands in our area for a few hours – or even a full day – of sightseeing, shopping and historical exploration.

To view a list of our island boat tour excursions, please see our "Island Hopping" page under our "Activities" section, or simply click here.

Additionally, you can also book a guided Jet Ski tour which will allow you, your family and friends to explore some of the most spectacular small tropical islands and inlets in the Calamian Island Group.

To view a description of our Jet Ski tours, please see our "Jet Ski Tours" page under our "Activities > Water Sports" section, or simply click here.

When is – generally speaking – the best times to snorkel or scuba dive in regards to underwater visibility?

The best diving visibility is typically between the 1st. and 3rd. quarters of the monthly lunar cycle. During this time the tides are at their slackest and therefore, sediment levels are relatively low.

The best season for diving visibility is, generally speaking, October through May. Since the Philippine rainy season officially begins in June, erosion run-off does have a tendency to negatively impact underwater visibility – in some areas – from June through September.

To view additional information on diving conditions in and around Sangat Island please see our "Diving Conditions" page under our "Scuba Diving" section, or simply click here.

Are there any “hidden costs” assessed on diving or other resort activities?

No, the pricing posted for diving, tours, and any number of other on-and-off resort activities are the accurate costs you will be paying. However, we are also required to levy Value-Added Tax (VAT) on any goods or services we provide to our guests.

While VAT is automatically included in all Sangat Island Dive Resort room rates, VAT is not, however, typically reflected in the posted prices of other resort goods and services including (but not necessarily limited to) dive courses and packages, on-and-off-island tours, bar beverages, activity equipment rentals, etc.

Upon checking out, the prevailing VAT tax rate will be calculated and added to you final invoice for all non-accommodation goods and services you have consumed or used during your stay.