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Frequent Questions: Resort Rooms

Shown below are responses to one or more frequently asked questions about resort rooms. If you don't find an answer to your question below – or within other sections of our website – please feel free to send us an email by clicking here.

How many people can share one of your beachfront or hillside cottages?

All beachfront and hillside cottages include one queen-size and one single bed which makes both of these accommodations ideal for three adults. An additional bed can also be added for up to two additional children if required.

Maximum occupancy levels for each of our accommodations are shown below. To view the full details of each accommodation, please click on the "Full Detail: Click here" link shown beside each room label.

Accommodation Occupancy Levels
Beachfront Cottage 3 Adults and 2 Children Full Detail: Click here.
Hillside Cottage 3 Adults and 2 Children Full Detail: Click here.
Bungalow Suites 3 Adults and 2 Children Full Detail: Click here.
Hilltop Chalet 2 Adults and 1 Child Full Detail: Click here.
Lambingan Villa 6 Adults and 4 Children Full Detail: Click here.

Do all… or at least some… of your rooms have air conditioning and hot running water?

While none of our accommodations have air conditioning units, all rooms are well ventilated by large, mosquito-netted windows as well as electric ceiling fans which are operational during the hours of 6 PM to 6 AM.

The stilt-mounted, open-roof design of our Beach and hillside cottages also helps to keep these popular accommodations cool and comfortable throughout the day and evening hours.

Our modern, western-styled bathroom facilities do have running water, but it’s not hot running water. If any guest is concerned about having to take a cold shower, don’t worry: the water coming from the faucets and showers is fresh and never what anyone would ever consider "cold".

Since Sangat is an island, I imagine you aren’t connected to the local power grid. That being the case, is the resort on some kind of limited power schedule?

All resort accommodations have power from six in the evening (6 PM) to six in the morning (6 AM).

During daylight hours – and into the evening of course – we provide continuous power (generated from our solar panel system) to our restaurant and bar facilities so that guests may keep their cell phones and laptops charged.

Do you have locking safe deposit boxes in the rooms?

We don’t have individual safety deposit boxes in each room but we do have a large safe in our reception office that guests may use to store various valuables during their stay.

Is Value-Added Tax (VAT) included in the cost of your rooms?

Yes, Value Added Tax is already included in all Sangat Island Dive Resort room rates.

VAT is not, however, typically reflected in the posted prices of other resort goods and services including (but not necessarily limited to) dive courses and packages, on-and-off-island tours, bar beverages, activity equipment rentals, etc.

Upon checking out, the prevailing VAT tax rate will be calculated and added to you final invoice for all non-accommodation goods and services you have consumed or used during your stay.