Sangat Wildlife: Tropical Geko

Your Hosts

Each of your hosts at Sangat Island Dive Resort are passionately dedicated to providing you with the highest levels of comfort, relaxation and adventure during your stay in this postcard-perfect paradise that we’re lucky enough to call home.

By way of introduction, we would like to take this opportunity to present to you the core, internationally-based, management team of Sangat Island Dive Resort through a number of brief background descriptions shown below.

Andy Pownall – Owner

Andy's first visit to Coron Bay began in 1986 as a professional diver for a British marine archeological group. After a joint venture was forged with the Philippine National Museum, Andy was one of a number of dive specialists charged with the surveying and excavation of ancient Chinese Junks which had sunk throughout the Northern Palawan area centuries before.

During his three-year survey and excavation contract Andy had fallen in love with the unique beauty of Northern Palawan.

In 1992 Andy purchased Sangat Island and began construction of Sangat Island Dive Resort with an initial offering of four native-styled beachfront cottages. In 1994, the resort officially opened its eco-friendly facility and white sand beachfront to the public.

To date, Sangat Island Dive Resort currently offers its guests fifteen distinctive sleeping accommodations as well as a restaurant and bar facility, gift-shop, and a world-class water sports and dive center which is frequently the talk of diving enthusiasts throughout Southeast Asia.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Andy is now also a Filipino citizen, and is fluent in the officially recognized language of the Philippines, Tagalog.

Ruby Ormido – Resort Manager

Ruby, beginning her career at Sangat Island Dive Resort in 1994 as an airport representative and has since worked her way up into the prestigious and high-responsibility role of Resort Manager.

As a Philippine national born and raised in Coron town (located Southeast of Sangat Island), Ruby speaks fluent English and Tagalog. Aside from her exceptional managerial skills, Ruby also offers each of our guests a happy, effervescent personality and a great sense of humor.

Jojo Lorenz – Manager, Water Sports Center

Before joining Sangat Island Dive Resort in 2005, Jojo owned and operated his own small resort on nearby Lamud Island.

As a fully certified PADI and SDI dive instructor Jojo offers our guests over 20 years of diving experience throughout the waters of Northern Palawan, and is a regionally recognized expert on each of the major reefs and wreck sites in the area.

Jojo, originally a native of Germany, speaks fluent English and German and – believe it or not – even has a sense of humor.

Ebing Sumbalbag – Dive Instructor and Boat Manager

Ebing, another one of our locally-born staff members, has been an indispensable member of the Sangat Island Dive Resort team for over 15 years.

Beginning his career at the resort in 1999 as our primary mechanical wizard, Ebing has now also become one of our most knowledgeable dive instructors.

When not beneath the waves with a group of our guests, Ebing can often be found managing the day-to day operations of our fleet of dive boats, or making sure that the mechanical infrastructure of the resort remains in perfect operating condition.