Sangat Wildlife: Tropical Geko

Sangat Island Dive Resort

Sangat Island Dive Resort, which opened it's doors to the general public in 1994, occupies quite nearly the entire southwestern cusp of Sangat Island. To date, this perfect little slice of paradise offers our guests fourteen native-styled, ecologically "low-impact" accommodations, restaurant and bar facilities, and an internationally-renowned water sports and scuba diving center.

Edged by a 300-meter span of white sand beachfront, postcard-perfect tropical waters, and coral reef gardens brimming with sea life, Sangat Island Dive Resort has become, in just a few short years, one of the premier resort destinations for eco-conscious paradise-seekers and scuba diving enthusiasts the world over.

One of the more extraordinary aspects that Sangat Island Dive Resort offers it's scuba diving clientele involves the island's close proximity to eleven World War II era wrecks. Ten of these wrecks are historically significant Japanese War and Supply ships sunk by American forces during the "Battle of Coron Bay" in 1944.

Of these ten World War II wreck sites, eight have found their final resting place a scant 5 to 30 minute boat ride from our beachfront!


Sangat Island Dive Resort offers a wide variety of native-styled accommodations including Beachfront Cottages, Beachside Chalets, Hillside Cottages, family-friendly Bungalow Suite units, Hilltop Chalets and our largest and most exclusive accommodation, the tri-level, two-bedroom Lambingan Villa with its own private, white sand beachfront.

In keeping with the extraordinary beauty of our island, all resort accommodations have been constructed according to the durable, time-honored techniques of local native artisans and laboriously assembled from the finest, locally-available materials including hand-woven bamboo wall panels, split-bamboo flooring, and Cogon Grass or Nipa Palm roofing.

All accommodations are also well ventilated by large mosquito-netted windows and include ceiling fans, ample lighting, 220-volt electrical outlets and western-styled bathroom facilities.

Three buffet meals and coffee/tea are included in the price of each accommodation. For detailed information on each of our accommodations, please see each of our "Accommodation" pages under this (The Resort) section.

Restaurant and Bars

Our open-air, beach-side restaurant facility and two full-service bars offer a wide selection of tasty regional and international dishes – as well as a many satisfying beverage options – throughout the day and well into the evening.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the price of your accommodation and are served in a friendly buffet-styled environment. Each scheduled buffet frequently features fresh seafood dishes, savory chicken and pork entrees, plenty of vegetable options and fresh tropical fruit.

After a hard day at play, The Sangat Island Bar and our spectacular over-water Rock Bar – both providing an ample selection of international libations, wines, and world-famous San Miguel beer – provide the perfect venue to make new friends, share the days’ adventures, or just unwind.

For detailed information about our restaurant and bar facilities, please click here.

Resort Activities

From aquatic activities like scuba diving, kayaking, and jet skiing, to land-based adventures including island trekking and rock climbing, to off-island experiences via one of our exclusive jet ski tours or Island Hopping expeditions, you'll find plenty of things to do, places to explore and memories to make during your visit.

Additional resort-centric activities also include wind-surfing, kayaking, a visit to our relaxing geo-thermal hot springs, native massage services, and more.

To view a full list of activities on and around Sangat Island, please see any of the pages listed under our Activities section.

Dive Center

If you are an experienced scuba diver – or are interested in learning how to scuba dive – then our own world-class diving and watersports center will most likely be one of your most frequent hang-outs during your visit.

Can't decide which scuba or snorkeling site to explore first? Thinking about learning to scuba? No problem. Our knowledgeable dive center attendants and on-site PADI and SDI instructors are happy to help you with equipment selection, scuba course options, dive site recommendations, and more.

For detailed information on our dive center, as well as diving rates and equipment rental, please click here.

Those interested in learning how to scuba dive can browse our comprehensive PADI and SDI course list and pricing by clicking here.

World War II Wreck Sites

Sangat Island Dive Resort has not only become a Mecca for scuba divers yearning to experience some of the most striking undersea wildlife in the world, but – with eight of ten significant World War II wrecks just minutes from our beachfront – we've also become known as "the place" for wreck diving enthusiasts as well.

If you would like to view a comprehensive summary of information on each of these wreck sites (including each wreck's location in relation to Sangat Island, wreck depth, visibility, travel time, and more), please click here.

If you would like to view a detailed account of the Battle of Coron Bay – as well as authentic aerial photographs taken during the siege – please click here.

The Robinson Crusoe Cottage

For the truly solitary-minded, we have one very unique accommodation: The Robinson Crusoe Cottage. This one-bedroom structure, situated off-resort on it's own isolated white sand beachfront on the southeastern coast of Sangat Island is available on an exclusive, specially arranged, 4-week or longer contract.

Due to it's isolated, rustic location, this accommodation is perfectly suited to an author devising their next master work or anyone else with a desire for maximum "time alone" without worry of being interrupted by outside intrusions.

For more information on the Robinson Crusoe Cottage, please click here.